Mr. Michael Atzbi, Ed.M.
Union High School
Engineering (STEM)

November 2016

Oh boy, has this been a crazy start to our season. We have only been working on our robots for a couple of months and we haven’t even gone to a competition yet, but we have already done so much. To start off, the robotics team has grown exponentially over the past few years. Our first season was two years ago and we competed with one team of seven students. Last year we competed with two teams and had twelve students participating. This season, we jumped up to having six competition teams with a total of forty students participating on the teams. It has been a great growth and we expect to continue to build our program.
    Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to host the season opener at Union High School. Teams from all across the state (and some from out of state) came to Union High School to compete against each other. Our teams did not participate in the competition because it is customary that the hosting school abstain and focus on running the event. All of our students did very well to make our school an excellent place to host the event and it is our hope to continue to host events in the future. The students have been working hard to create innovative robots to complete their challenge. Our first competition will be in late January.