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Livingston Leaders download apps for K-2 teachers and students.  During their volunteer sessions at lunch they are able to use tablets to help kids, per the teacher's request to do so.  Also, teachers use tablets in class for various learning opportunities, along with apps that help meet the needs of higher level learners to enrich and challenge and target students' areas of weakness too! 

Congratulation to All are Grant Recipients

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Investors Foundation  has awarded $1,000 to the Township of Union Education Foundation.  A check was presented by Donna Steinmetz of Investors Bank.  The donation will be used to off-set the cost of a grant awarded to Marianne  Deczynski and Mike Malanga, music teachers at Battle Hill Elementary School in the Township of Union, for materials for a music program that incorporates Orff instruments and drums. 
According to Marianne Deczynski, "Students are able to come together to work as a team to develop skills such as listening, cooperation, focus and analyzation combining 3 different musical parts into  a good performance." Susan Lipstein, President of the Township of Union Education Foundation,  stated that "The Foundation appreciates the generosity of the Investors Foundation.  With this donation, the Education Foundation can continue to support the teachers in our public schools.  When the community works together, we can achieve so much."

Thank you Letter From Washington


Battle Hill Garden

The  Township of Union Education Foundation awarded a garden grant in 2013 to third grade teachers Cara LeBlond and Pat Bogda. The teachers have worked to expand the usage of the garden. Today they celebrated a grant and partnership with Shop-Rite and Dole. Excited children learne planted bulbs, learned about nutrition, were shown how to make a simple salad dressing to eat with tomatoes and carrots they grew and will be able to do much more with this new partnership. Thank you to Cara and Pat, who took this idea and ran with it, and to all at Battle Hill School who have done wonderful things with the garden! We at the Foundation are so proud of what you have done!

Connecticut Farms Elementary

Children in Greg Pardo's class  are working on their robotics grant.  They have learned about programming using the touch sensor.  Each group programmed their robot to move uninterrupted until the touch sensor is activated.  Once activated, the robot will reverse, change direction and then begin the code over again.​​
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The class divided into 4 teams based on interest. We have our architect team that designed and sketched the arcade, our carpenters that are building the arcade, our electricians and programmers that will wire everything and install games, and then the artists that will paint and add designs to the exterior.